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90 min, Latvia/Sweden, documentary

Some call them millennials. Others would consider them Generation Z. They are people in their early twenties looking for their place in a new and uncertain reality. Dancer Tanya moves to Mississippi where she finds love with a paraplegic wheelchair basketball trainer who is more than 20 years her senior. App developer Tomass abandons the life he had before and becomes a world-traveling digital nomad. Avant-garde publisher Valters collects toilet seats in a poetically performative attempt to overcome tragic past trauma. Through the prism of three distinct characters, the 24-year-old director conveys an intimate and sensitive cinematic portrait of his generation, questioning different aspects of what it means to be young in the contemporary world.

Director: Matīss Kaža

Producers: Matīss Kaža, Una Celma

Writer: Matīss Kaža

Cinematographer: Aleksandrs Grebņevs, LGC

Composer: Toms Auniņš

Editor: Gunta Ikere

Sound Designer: Aleksandrs Vaicahovskis

produced by Deep Sea Studios / Fenixfilm / Apriori Collective



Latvian National Film Awards 2020 - Best Director, Documentary 

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